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I’m from Lexington, Kentucky and found my love for dance and theatre at an early age while religiously watching the VHS of CATS in my basement. Now, as a professional Theatre Artist I  elevate, advocate, and collaborate, so that I can bring joy and affect positive change in our world. I feel as though we all do our best work when we are collaborating in a safe space. As a performer, my hope is to inspire audiences in the same way I was inspired in my basement, dancing along to the “Jellicle Ball.” As a creative/teacher, my goal is to make sure that everyone feels safe, welcomed, seen, and heard. 


Aside from my passion of being a Theatre Artist, I also have a dedication for activism and making sure that everyone has a voice at the table. I am currently the chairperson for the Inclusivity Advisory Collective and on the Board of Directors at The Lexington Theatre Company. 


When I’m not in the rehearsal room or rewatching Cats, I am a huge fan of vacationing at the beach, all things athleisure, and dancing to Beyoncé́ down 9th Avenue.


I live in New York City, and I look forward to creating and sharing space with you.

About Me

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