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As a teacher, I want to create a safe environment that meets every artist where they are so that we can grow and learn together. We produce our best work when we are in spaces that are safe and welcoming. I strive to be a mirror for the BIPOC community in the Musical Theatre field - allowing students to feel seen a room led by an individual that they can relate to and in a room that welcomes them into an industry that is evolving to celebrate their diversity.


As a teacher, I want to foster the growth of artists. My journey has been filled with amazing teachers and mentors who have served as a guiding light - continually challenging me to be the best artist I can be. These teachers have loaded my tool box with many gems of knowledge, and I want to do my part by sharing these tools with the next generation of artists.


I love taking a piece of music and crafting choreography that incorporates my artistic voice, while staying true to the original story and style of the piece. So many great choreographers, artists, and musicians have laid the foundation for today’s craft, and I feel a personal responsibility to learn from and honor their work. There is nothing like hearing a piece of music and being instantly inspired to create movement. 


Teaching credits include, Circle in the Square Theatre, The Hartt School, Western Kentucky University, and The Lexington Theatre Company.

"Nathan’s classes provide a professional and enticing experience. His ability to foster a fun, safe, and inviting space is what keeps me coming back for more. Each class, he provides a new combination, which allows for us to explore various styles and challenge ourselves. Nathan’s choreography is a beautiful extension of himself. His articulate ability to teach choreography, while also focusing on the story behind the song, is what makes his classes so beneficial. Nathan is a master at his craft and we are so lucky to be able to work with such a gifted dancer/choreographer. These 90 minute classes are truly not to be missed!"

Jacob Fischer

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Ruby Gibbs

"Nathan’s dance class has absolutely become the highlight of my week! He has created a safe, inclusive, JOYOUS space that celebrates YOU for exactly how you show up in the space - I never feel judged, embarrassed, or as if I’m auditioning for something.
Dancing can be really personal and intimidating for some, but Nathan’s class is filled with positivity and unconditional support. Nathan recognizes that class is a place to make mistakes, learn, push yourself, try something new, and most importantly have FUN. He is a brilliant choreographer who has a magical skill of crafting movement that looks fantastic on everyone. If you know Nathan, you know he is literally a ray of sunshine that brightens up the darkest moments. I’ve never felt so free and empowered in a dance class, and it’s all thanks to Nathan! Take this class!!!!! You’ll be SO happy you did!"
"Nathan creates an incredibly fun and low-stress atmosphere for his dance classes, where no one is left behind. Unlike some other dance classes I've attended in the city, his classes are always filled with smiles and a sense of community. He fosters an environment where dancers of all levels can be challenged and improve on their skills, but also simply dance for the sake of dancing and letting our bodies move with joy. Everything from the warm ups to the combos in Nathan's classes are filled with delight and positivity."

Resa Mishina

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Matti Stretti

"As a recently out trans person after a year and a half away from theater, re-entering the industry has been daunting to say the least. Nathan’s dance classes have provided such a safe and wonderful place to explore myself and my artistry. He brings so much energy and so much positivity into the room in a way I have never experienced before. So often dance classes can be intimidating and feel more like an audition than a class. Not with Nathan. I feel like Nathan has a special way of meeting every person in his class exactly where they are and giving them the space to interact with his class however they need to. Not to mention, his choreography is always fun, challenging and accessible and without fail, he chooses good music to dance to. I learned so much in such a small amount of classes with him."
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